Introduce EPS shape moulding machine and eps application 2018-02-28 15:48

EPS application functionally:

EPS electronic packaging products: EPS foam packaging products is currently the lightest packaging materials, a lightweight, shock-absorbing, non-slip, low cost, easy packaging and other characteristics of high-quality protective packaging materials. Widely used in home appliances, electronics, machinery, handicrafts, pharmaceutical packaging industry;

EPS tank foam insulation products: EPS foam insulation box with fresh products, insulation resistance, storage and other features. Widely used in aquatic products, fruits, vegetables and packaging, storage and transportation equipment industries;

EPS foam insulation board products: EPS foam insulation board is a new low thermal conductivity insulation materials, low cost, thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture, light, energy, construction convenient, widely used in construction, decoration , warm, greenhouse, cold storage, stage sets and other projects.

EPS machine features:
Automatic molding machine of ShunDa EPS machinery Patent is a comprehensive product independently developed by the company specifically for chemical fiber boards that integrates properties such as high efficiency and low power consumption technology, built-in thermally insulated steam chamber. The automatic molding machine features reasonable structure, excellent comprehensive performance, and the power consumption of automatic molding machine is over 30% lower than that of ordinary machines.

1. The polystyrene automatic moulding machine features compact dimensions and structure, steamlined and reasonable pipeline layout, which can save factory space to the greatest extent.

2. The EPS automatic shape moulding machine has a built-in steam chamber that is thermally insulated, which can reduce steam loss effectively. Pressure control is applied at steam inlet, which can significantly reduce steam consumption and save costs.

3. The
EPS automatic shape moulding machine applies spraying system of special hoses, instead of traditional copper sprinklers installed in steam chamber, which reduces the chamber volume, lowers cooling water consumption for steam, and enables easy and fast maintenance of sprinklers.

EPS automatic shape moulding machine can keep perfect temperature and humidity level is maintained to ensure the longest possible lifespan for each mold.

5. The automatic moulding machine with vacuum machine applies fast mold loading mode, which is easy and convenient, and can save mold loading cost, in comparison with traditional mold loading mode. The automatic moulding machine with vacuum will realize minimum input and maximum return.


Loaing of EPS block machine


eps 3d panel /high efficiency on buil


eps 3d panel /high efficiency on buil


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